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How to Create a Great Home Working Space

With no apparent end to remote working in sight, it’s time to ditch the dining table and set up a more permanent home working space. Not only will it help keep your mind focused and your attitude positive, having a defined work space will allow you to physically ‘shut up shop’ at the end of the working day, creating an important distinction between ‘work time’ and ‘relaxation time’.

Here’s our pick of the most desirable desks and storage solutions for creating a cosy and inviting work space within your home.

Desirable desks

The focal point for any home working space is a desk. Make sure yours has all the space you need to work in comfort and be free of clutter.  Whether you want a sleek and simple table that could be redeployed elsewhere in the home when you return to your employer’s office or a purpose-built desk with drawers and cable compartments, there are plenty of options around to suit your style, space and budget.

Nook writing desk £239, futoncompany.co.uk

Zena Desk, White £299, johnlewis.com

Alex, beige £129, Ikea.co.uk

Skartsa Sit/Stand Desk £195, ikea.co.uk

Juan San Francisco Smart Desk with built in Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Phone charger and USB ports £399, loungeliving.co.uk

Fraser Floating Desk 104cm £349, peppersq.com (donation made to nhs)

Supportive seating

A desk may be the more dominant item in a home office but it’s really only the supporting act to a decent chair. A comfortable and supportive office chair, that can be adjusted in height to suit your height, desk and sitting position, is THE most important investment you can make in your well-being when you are home working. Yes, pick something stylish, but make sure it will not leave you with aches and pains at the end of a working day.

Pioneer Executive Swivel Office Chair (Grey or White) £89.99, furnish.co.uk

Jarvfjallet adjustable desk chair with lumbar support, grey £175, ikea.co.uk

Sensational storage

There are hundreds of home office storage solutions available on line capable of keeping home working spaces free of demotivating clutter.  Depending on the volume of storage you need, you could opt for an under desk set of drawers or a simple desktop filing system. Consider also investing in a pinboard or wall organiser to help keep on top of day to day tasks.

Shallow Drawer Unit £18, futoncompany.co.uk

Mira Filing Cabinet £399, johnlewis.com

Sara Miller Swallows Storage Box £16, johnlewis.com

Vincent Valet Drawers £595 vincentandbarn.co.uk (donation made to nhs)

Cork frame pinboard, square £70, redcandy.co.uk

Drona Storage Basket, yellow £3.50 each, ikea.co.uk

Concrete Head Pen Pot £12.50, redcandy.co.uk

Finishing touches

It’s important to make your home working space as inviting as possible so add some finishing touches to create a cosy and characterful environment you will enjoy spending time in.  Add a desk lamp, some house plants, affordable wall art, a favourite scented candle or reed diffuser and a rug to bring joy into your work space.

Wild and Wolf Phone, Chrome £46, redcandy.co.uk

Riggad LED Lamp & Wireless Phone Charger £60, ikea.co.uk

Neom Organics Real Luxury Reed Diffuser, 100ml £38, neomorganics.com

Karlsson Big Flip Clock, Chrome £195, redcandy.co.uk

Harry Potter Art Print Collection (9 x A2 unframed prints) £90, redcandy.co.uk